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Liquid-stable prealbumin reagent

Liquid-stable prealbumin reagent. DiaSys has enhanced its immunoturbidimetric line with the introduction of a high-performance reagent for prealbumin (also known as transthyretin). The liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagent has been designed for use with serum and plasma samples on all common clinical chemistry systems. The immunoturbidimetric test covers a wide measuring range up to 1.3 g/L. In addition, even very elevated levels can be accurately measured, thanks to the high prozone security of up to 2.6 g/L. The calibration is stable for six  weeks; the reagent can be kept on board the analyser for 12 weeks. Prealbumin shows one of the highest ratios of essential-to-nonessential amino acids of any protein in the body, making it a useful marker of protein synthesis. Due to its short half-life of one to two days, measurement of the serum level may provide a more timely and sensitive assessment of protein malnutrition or liver dysfunction than transferrin or albumin.
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Liquid-stable prealbumin reagent

Diasys Diagnostic Systems GmbH

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