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garcinia cambogia reviews uk supermax garcinia cambogia 1600 mg Quantitative detection of sd LDL cholesterol Hospital devices Medical devices

Quantitative detection of sd LDL cholesterol

Quantitative detection of sd LDL cholesterol. A simple test for fully automated clinical chemistry analysers that allows the quantitative detection of sd LDL cholesterol is available. Research has shown that the small dense form of LDL (sd LDL) cholesterol carries a three-fold increased risk of myocardial infarction compared to large LDL cholesterol. Studies into LDL cholesterol, and the implications for risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), has identified two LDL subtypes; small dense and large buoyant LDL. Genetic and nutritional factors affect the size of the LDL particles. The small, more atherogenic LDL particles penetrate the inner layer of the coronary arteries more easily, are more susceptible to oxidisation and bind proteoglycans, all of which increase the risk of CVD. Determination of sd LDL in a patient sample can help clinicians profile higher risk individuals and improve prognosis through adjusted treatment. This test is now being used in routine lipid laboratories. The range of lipoprotein tests has now been widened by this simple test for sd LDL. It can be run on an automated clinical chemistry analyser and will give results in 30 minutes. This method supersedes the current electrophoresis method, which assesses the pattern of LDL to identify type A (predominantly large LDL) or type B (predominantly small LDL). The electrophoresis method is time consuming, requires specialist equipment and operators, and gives only qualitative results. The Randox direct sd LDL test is fully automated, reducing time and labour costs, and gives quantitative sd LDL values that enable treatment optimisation. Quantitative detection of sd LDL cholesterol

Randox Laboratories Ltd.

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