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over the counter painkillers contain codeine valium tablets for sale Whole blood immunosuppressant control Hospital devices Medical devices

Whole blood immunosuppressant control

Whole blood immunosuppressant control. Designed for use as an assayed quality control material to monitor the precision of immunosuppressant drug test procedures in the clinical laboratory from low to very high concentrations, Lyphochek Whole Blood Immunosuppressant Control is a lyophilised, third party, human whole blood-based control. It is offered in five individual levels and includes Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus, and Sirolimus. The control can be used with immunoassay or chromatographic techniques.

Immunosuppressant drugs are typically used in transplant therapy to help minimise organ rejection. Routine use of the control, which is supplied as a whole blood based material that can be processed in the same manner as patient samples,  provides a laboratory the means to monitor the precision of test procedures and ensure quality on an ongoing basis.
The Unity Interlaboratory Program and the Unity Real Time, an expert data management software solution designed to improve the effectiveness of quality control processes, are available for use with this control. Whole blood immunosuppressant control

Bio Rad Laboratories Diagnostics Group

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