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Portable CD4 counter

Portable CD4 counter. Allowing accurate and affordable HIV monitoring and AIDS patient follow-up, the CyFlow mobile/portable CD4 counter serves the rapidly growing demand of such devices in developing countries. The easy-to-operate counter provides robust, practically service- and maintenance-free, accurate and affordable instrumentation for HIV monitoring and AIDS patient follow-up. The counter can be run by a regular power supply and also has a 12 V DC supply (e.g. car battery or solar panels). A user-friendly, large 8.4'' touchscreen interface, a long lasting and stable laser, and the high stability of the optical and fluidic systems make the counter the ideal CD4 counting instrument for all settings. In combination with the company's reagent kits, highly precise and accurate routine CD4 enumeration at a net cost of just EUR 1.75 is enabled, and CD4% counting (including CD4 absolute results) costs just EUR 2.50 per patient. Portable CD4 counter

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