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Measurement system for thermal cycler validation

Measurement system for thermal cycler validation. Since the success of PCR reactions is dependent on the functionality of the cycler that is used, a new system is avalable that solves problems with thermal cyclers. The Driftcon system is a mobile, personal measurement device that can be used daily, weekly or monthly to monitor the performance and temperature drift of thermal cyclers. No two thermal cyclers function identically but periodic and continuous validation with the system offers a convenient and easy means to check if PCR tests are working within predetermined parameters. Detailed knowledge of a cycler's true temperature performance can also enable adjustments for improved yields and use of less reagents, so saving time and costs. The instrument measures temperature accuracy, i.e. deviation of the actual block temperature from the set temperature. It also monitors uniformity; the spread of the temperature between wells on the same block. It can also provide data on the speed, or ramp rate, at which the cycler changes temperature and report on any under or overshoots. These are all significant factors affecting the success of PCR reactions. Every temperature measurement system regardless of the thermal cycler model or manufacturer, is performed using a standardised and prescribed temperature protocol, enabling the comparison of results and any deviation from protocol standards. The temperature results are analysed and reported through an automated process, prohibiting any alterations of the acquired sample data, so that a record of all results can be kept. Measurement system for thermal cycler validation

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