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Hepcidin ELISA

Hepcidin ELISA

A test kit is now available that facilitates the timely diagnosis of iron disorders, including haemochromatosis and anaemia; this diagnostic kit measures the level of the hormone hepcidin. In recent years, scientists have discovered that hepcidin helps regulate the amount of iron in humans. An unbalanced iron level can lead to many common medical conditions including anaemia and iron overload diseases, or it can occur in chronic kidney disease, inflammation, or diabetes mellitus. The DRG Hepcidin 25 (C-Terminal) ELISA Kit will be available to medical professionals worldwide, providing the first simple, fast and accurate method to test patient hepcidin levels. The results offer more information to clinicians to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions including iron deficiency diseases, some of the most common diseases worldwide. The kit provides accurate information and is user-friendly.

DRG International

Mountainside, NJ, USA

DRG Instruments GmbH

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