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Human Interferon-Beta ELISA kit


The VeriKine-HSTM Human Interferon-Beta Serum ELISA kit sets a new standard for sensitivity and reliability in the measurement of human Interferon-Beta (IFN-β) levels in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant samples. IFN-β is known as a tightly regulated, early-response cytokine primarily responsible for controlling viral infection. The aberrant expression of IFN-β may be associated with inflammation and autoimmunity. The new kit allows IFN researchers to accurately and reproducibly measure the level of IFN-β in human serum or plasma samples. It offers low serum/plasma background detection with an excellent dose response. The superior sensitivity enables researchers to determine IFN-β levels as low as 0.5 IU/mL. The kit also has an excellent percent coefficient of variation (%CV), indicating high reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency.
Sensitive assays are needed to investigate the physiological relevance of low levels of IFN-β that may be present before viral infection or autoimmunity is observable. In addition, a constant challenge in interferon immunoassays is to consistently quantify the amount of IFN-β in serum and plasma without interference or high background caused by heterophilic antibodies, clotting factors and/or serum proteins in the samples. This highly sensitive assay is not affected substantially by the presence of sample contaminants.


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